Stephanie & Brad – Charlotte NC Maternity Photographer//February 11, 2014


My friend Stephanie is a dreamer, adventurer, risk-taker, beauty creator, designer, and a very quickly successful business owner. Not long ago she started her own magazine, Inspire Weddings & Marriage, which you can now find in many retail stores in the SouthEast! Knowing a bit of her journey with wanting kids, I can’t tell you how much joy I have knowing that she is pregnant with not one, but TWO healthy babies!

The level of wonder, beauty, excitement and love that these two already possess for their babies is mind boggling and inspiring. … And they have an adorable little pup, too!

Stephanie, I am SO proud of you, friend … and excited too!

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Durham NC Winter Wonderland Wedding at The Cotton Room {Shelley & Wesley}//January 27, 2014


Venue: The Cotton Room
Wedding Planner: Come Together Events
Dress: Lana Addison
Shoes: Badgley Misckha
Bridesmaid Dresses: Monique Lhuillier
Groom and Groomsmen: Mens Warehouse
Flowers: Fresh Affairs
Cake: The Art of Cake
Band: Spare Change
Harp: Amy Kortus
Rentals: CE Rentals
Lighting: Jeff Simpson
Invitations: Minted
Ornaments (favors): Pink Toast Ink
Fur Chair Backs: Wildflower Linens
Getaway Car: Loni’s Antique Cars


Working with Katrina of Come Together Events, I expected nothing less than a Wintery, whimsical bit of perfection for Shelley and Wesley’s wedding at The Cotton Room in Durham, NC … and she delivered. Their day was full of beauty and warmth as the candlelight warmed the faces of their guests and carried the night through beautiful moments of affection and love. Submerse yourself in the beauty of their magical winter wonderland wedding.

2014-01-26_0004 2014-01-26_0005 2014-01-26_0006 2014-01-26_0007 2014-01-26_0008 2014-01-26_0009 2014-01-26_0010 2014-01-26_0012 2014-01-26_0013 2014-01-26_0014 2014-01-26_0015 2014-01-26_0016 2014-01-26_0017 2014-01-26_0018 2014-01-26_0019 2014-01-26_0021 2014-01-26_0022 2014-01-26_0023 2014-01-26_0024 2014-01-26_0025 2014-01-26_0026 2014-01-26_0027 2014-01-26_0028 2014-01-26_0029 2014-01-26_0030 2014-01-26_0031 2014-01-26_0032 2014-01-26_0033 2014-01-26_0034 2014-01-26_0035 2014-01-26_0036 2014-01-26_0037 2014-01-26_0038 2014-01-26_0039 2014-01-26_0040 2014-01-26_0041 2014-01-26_0042 2014-01-26_0043 2014-01-26_0045 2014-01-26_0046

From Shelley, the bride:

“At first I had NO idea where to start! My first step was to find a planner who I trusted and understood my style. Katrina, with Come Together Events, was the perfect fit for me! Our vision came together easily, and fast! I wanted my wedding to be different form the norm. I have always loved the atmosphere and energy around the holidays so a winter wedding seemed to be the perfect idea!

I wanted a winter wonderland kept very simple with original details. The Cotton Room itself is beautiful and unique, I knew I couldn’t go wrong.  I envisioned all white flowers with amazing lighting. Magical was the feeling I wanted to achieve. We used white as our base board but incorporated a lot of textures to add depth. This was done through multiple linen selections, fur back chairs and hints of sliver and crystal. Katrina and Fresh Affairs made my vision come to life.

I truly believe it’s all in the details and having people by your side you trust. My wedding day was more than I could ever have dreamed of and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Our “snowy” exit lead to happily ever after.”

2014-01-26_0047 2014-01-26_0048 2014-01-26_0049 2014-01-26_0050 2014-01-26_0051 2014-01-26_0052 2014-01-26_0053 2014-01-26_0054 2014-01-26_0055 2014-01-26_0056 2014-01-26_0057 2014-01-26_0058 2014-01-26_0059 2014-01-26_0060 2014-01-26_0061 2014-01-26_0062 2014-01-26_0063 2014-01-26_0064 2014-01-26_0065 2014-01-26_0066 2014-01-26_0067 2014-01-26_0068 2014-01-26_0069 2014-01-26_0070 2014-01-26_0071 2014-01-26_0072 2014-01-26_0073 2014-01-26_0074 2014-01-26_0075 2014-01-26_0076 2014-01-26_0077 2014-01-26_0078 2014-01-26_0079 2014-01-26_0080 2014-01-26_0081 2014-01-26_0082 2014-01-26_0083 2014-01-26_0084

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Eve {infant} – Charlotte Infant photographer//January 15, 2014

2014-01-15_0003 2014-01-15_0004 2014-01-15_0005 2014-01-15_0006 2014-01-15_0007 2014-01-15_0008 2014-01-15_0009 2014-01-15_0010 2014-01-15_0011 2014-01-15_0012 2014-01-15_0013 2014-01-15_0014 2014-01-15_0015 2014-01-15_0016 2014-01-15_0017 2014-01-15_0018 2014-01-15_0020 2014-01-15_0021 2014-01-15_0022 2014-01-15_0023 2014-01-15_0024 2014-01-15_0025 2014-01-15_0026

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Kendra & Will – The Grand Bohemian Asheville NC Destination Wedding//December 30, 2013


Venue – Grand Bohemian Hotel Asheville

Coordinator – Sara Fields, Wedding Connections

DJ – A Bride’s DJ

Hair – Emily Wells

Makeup – Wendy Ballance, Blush

Officiant – Melissa Smith, Trillium Ceremonies

Flowers – Flower Gallery

Cake – Short Street Cakes

asheville nc wedding photographers, grand bohemian hotel asheville, asheville destination weddings, nc mountain wedding photographer (73)2013-12-28_0004 2013-12-28_0005 2013-12-28_0006 2013-12-28_0007 2013-12-28_0008 2013-12-28_0009 2013-12-28_0010 2013-12-28_0011 2013-12-28_0012 2013-12-28_0013 2013-12-28_0014 2013-12-28_0015 2013-12-28_0016 2013-12-28_0017 2013-12-28_0018 2013-12-28_0019 2013-12-28_0020 2013-12-28_0021 2013-12-28_0022 2013-12-28_0023 2013-12-28_0024 2013-12-28_0025 2013-12-28_0026 2013-12-28_0027 2013-12-28_0028 2013-12-28_0029 2013-12-28_0030 2013-12-28_0031 2013-12-28_0032asheville nc wedding photographers, grand bohemian hotel asheville, asheville destination weddings, nc mountain wedding photographer (74) 2013-12-28_0033 2013-12-28_0034 2013-12-28_0035 2013-12-28_0036 2013-12-28_0037 2013-12-28_0038 2013-12-28_0039 2013-12-28_0040 2013-12-28_0041asheville nc wedding photographers, grand bohemian hotel asheville, asheville destination weddings, nc mountain wedding photographer (32) 2013-12-28_0042 2013-12-28_0043 2013-12-28_0044 2013-12-28_0045 2013-12-28_0046 2013-12-28_0047 2013-12-28_0048 2013-12-28_0049 2013-12-28_0050 2013-12-28_0051 2013-12-28_0052 2013-12-28_0054 2013-12-28_0055 2013-12-28_0056 2013-12-28_0057 2013-12-28_0058 2013-12-28_0059 2013-12-28_0060 2013-12-28_0061 2013-12-28_0062 2013-12-28_0063 2013-12-28_0064 2013-12-28_0065 2013-12-28_0066 2013-12-28_0067 2013-12-28_0068 2013-12-28_0069 2013-12-28_0070 2013-12-28_0071 2013-12-28_0072 2013-12-28_0073 2013-12-28_0074

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Wasson Family Christmas//December 26, 2013

asheville nc family photographer-5643 asheville nc family photographer-5644 asheville nc family photographer-5645 asheville nc family photographer-5646 asheville nc family photographer-5647 asheville nc family photographer-5648 asheville nc family photographer-5649 asheville nc family photographer-5650 asheville nc family photographer-5651 asheville nc family photographer-5652 asheville nc family photographer-5653 asheville nc family photographer-5654 asheville nc family photographer-5655 asheville nc family photographer-5656 asheville nc family photographer-5657 asheville nc family photographer-5658 asheville nc family photographer-5659 asheville nc family photographer-5660 asheville nc family photographer-5661 asheville nc family photographer-5662 asheville nc family photographer-5663 asheville nc family photographer-5664 asheville nc family photographer-5665 asheville nc family photographer-5666 asheville nc family photographer-5667 asheville nc family photographer-5668 asheville nc family photographer-5669 asheville nc family photographer-5670 asheville nc family photographer-5671 asheville nc family photographer-5672 asheville nc family photographer-5673 asheville nc family photographer-5674 asheville nc family photographer-5675 asheville nc family photographer-5676 asheville nc family photographer-5677 asheville nc family photographer-5678 asheville nc family photographer-5679 asheville nc family photographer-5680 asheville nc family photographer-5681 asheville nc family photographer-5682 asheville nc family photographer-5683 asheville nc family photographer-5684 asheville nc family photographer-5685

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Style Me Pretty Feature//December 25, 2013

We’re so honored to be a part of Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book, a collection of some of the top wedding vendors in the nation. It’s a privilege to have one of our recent, gorgeous weddings featured! Thanks, Style Me Pretty. And Merry Christmas to all of you!

Go check out the feature here!


Style Me Pretty, featured destination wedding photographers, asheville nc wedding photographers

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A birth story//December 13, 2013


For as long as I can remember, I have wanted kids. Then Michelle’s labor happened all over my memory. :)

It was a Monday night at our normal Monday night spot, Savages, waiting for Michelle to come join us after she ran to Target for some final baby items. My phone ran. It was Michelle. Her water broke, and her husband was still at Crossfit and not answering his phone.

“Are you standing there in Target?”, was the first thing out of my mouth.

“No. I didn’t make it there … I took a nap on the couch instead.”, She replied.

“Oh, thank God.”, I said, picturing her standing in the middle of an isle with baby things in hand, staring down at her feet.

I wasn’t packed and ready – my camera gear wasn’t charged, my overnight bag wasn’t packed. I was prepared for this to happen even if we were 4 hours south, in Evansville, with Dave’s family for Thanksgiving later that week. I was even prepared to drive the 4 hrs back in the middle of the night, if that’s when she went into labor … but not now. I wasn’t ready now. But neither was she. Neither was Britt. … and in hindsight, neither was baby girl.

Relieved that I wouldn’t have to disrupt Thanksgiving with my in-laws, yet excited, nervous, and anxious for her to endure her very first labor, I left Savages to head over and keep her company.

We talked through all the things she needed. We made lists. Delegated tasks. Canceled appointments. Continued calling Britt (her husband.) After she was feeling more peaceful and calm, and had gotten ahold of Britt (and like a champ, told him he was welcome to finish his workout!), I hopped back in the car to run to Target and then home to pack up my gear.

Full target bags, my overnight bag, and camera gear in tow, I arrived back at their house an hour later.

… And 24 hrs later (25 from when her water broke), “Baby Girl Husman” arrived.

Michelle’s labor was long, difficult, intense, disappointing (for her), and scary (for us). These images reflect a lot of changes in their birth plan, including Pitocin (because of risk of infection with her water breaking so early), and eventually an epidural, which was one of the hardest decisions for them to make after laboring all through the night and being nowhere close to pushing. There were many moments throughout labor where I found myself overwhelmed by the power and beauty of love, the pain and endurance of the human body, and the miracle and frailty of life.

Michelle is my hero. She will forever remain one of the strongest women I know. As I watched her power through contractions that didn’t give her a break for hours on end (once the Pitocin  kicked in), I sat there amazed at her strength and determination. The way that Britt cared for her, supported her, encouraged her, and loved her through the pain still brings tears to my eyes.

2013-12-12_0002 2013-12-12_0004 2013-12-12_00052013-12-12_0003 2013-12-12_0007 2013-12-12_0008 2013-12-12_0009 2013-12-12_0010 2013-12-12_0011 2013-12-12_0012 2013-12-12_0013 2013-12-12_0014 2013-12-12_0015 2013-12-12_0016 2013-12-12_0017 2013-12-12_0018 2013-12-12_0019 2013-12-12_0020 2013-12-12_0021 2013-12-12_0022 2013-12-12_0023 2013-12-12_0024 2013-12-12_0025 2013-12-12_0026 2013-12-12_0027 2013-12-12_0029 2013-12-12_0030 2013-12-12_0031 2013-12-12_0032 2013-12-12_0033 2013-12-12_0034 2013-12-12_0035 2013-12-12_0036 2013-12-12_0037 2013-12-12_0038 2013-12-12_0039 2013-12-12_0040 2013-12-12_0042 2013-12-12_0044 2013-12-12_0045 2013-12-12_0046 2013-12-12_0047 2013-12-12_0048 2013-12-12_0049 2013-12-12_0050 2013-12-12_0051 2013-12-12_0052 2013-12-12_0054 2013-12-12_0055 2013-12-12_0056 2013-12-12_0057 2013-12-12_0058 2013-12-12_0059 2013-12-12_0060 2013-12-12_0061 2013-12-12_0062 2013-12-12_0063 2013-12-12_0064 2013-12-12_0065 2013-12-12_0066 2013-12-12_0067 2013-12-12_0068 2013-12-12_0069 2013-12-12_0070 2013-12-12_0072 2013-12-12_0074 2013-12-12_0076 2013-12-12_0077 2013-12-12_0078 2013-12-12_0079 2013-12-12_0080 2013-12-12_0081 2013-12-12_0082 2013-12-12_0083 2013-12-12_0085 2013-12-12_0086 2013-12-12_0087 2013-12-12_0088 2013-12-12_0089 2013-12-12_0090 2013-12-12_0091 2013-12-12_0092 2013-12-12_0093 2013-12-12_0094 2013-12-12_0095 2013-12-12_0096 2013-12-12_0097 2013-12-12_0098 2013-12-12_0099 2013-12-12_0100 2013-12-12_0101 2013-12-12_0102 2013-12-12_0103 2013-12-12_0104 2013-12-12_0105 2013-12-12_0106 2013-12-12_0107

Labor was hard on both Michelle and baby girl, especially in the final minutes. Shortly after her arrival, baby girl was swept away and surrounded by LOTS of NICU nurses and doctors. Meanwhile, Michelle continued to lose a lot of blood and eventually a specialist surgeon was called in. I will never forget the moment that I realized something was wrong with this precious little new life, and then moments later, capturing that same realization on Britt’s face as he looked on his new daughter and all the nurses bustling about around her. 2013-12-12_0108 2013-12-12_0109 2013-12-12_0110 2013-12-12_0111 2013-12-12_0112 2013-12-12_0113 2013-12-12_0114 2013-12-12_0115 2013-12-12_0116 2013-12-12_0117 2013-12-12_0118 2013-12-12_0119 2013-12-12_0120 2013-12-12_0121 2013-12-12_0122 2013-12-12_0123 2013-12-12_0124

Four days in the NICU and an amazing surgeon later, both Michelle and the baby are doing well. They have named her Oden Kai, with beautifully poetic meaning – an ocean of creativity (my interpretation.) Both Britt and Michelle are totally smitten, as am I … even if we end up adopting instead. ;)

To see more of this beautiful girl, check out her infant session here.





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Oden Kai Husman {infant}//December 13, 2013


Meet sweet little Oden Kai Husman, born to our close friends Britt and Michelle on November 26th at 8:51pm weighing 8 pounds, 6 ounces. After 4 days in the NICU, she is now healthy and happy at home, surrounded by a lot of love.

2013-12-12_01262013-12-12_0137 2013-12-12_01362013-12-12_0133 2013-12-12_0134 2013-12-12_0131 2013-12-12_0130 2013-12-12_0128


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