Christy & Jo {wedding} – Charlotte, NC//April 17, 2014


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The Venue Asheville//April 14, 2014

asheville wedding photographers, destination wedding photographers, the venue asheville, the planning asheville (17)I met these guys a few years ago at our first wedding at The Venue in downtown Asheville. With the exposed brick, the elegant decor, the open floor plan, and a talented staff, it was hard not to fall in love with the place. We work at a lot of venues all over the place and finding a staff that’s not only knowledgeable and on top of it, but also fun to work with is … well, very rare. We can’t say enough about these guys and what they do. We always look forward to working with them.

(And their food is amazing!!!)

We’re thrilled to give you a glimpse into their newest venture, The Planning. Traditionally a wedding and event venue that provides their own catering as well, they are now expanding to begin offering an entire event planning side of the business. Whether it’s for your wedding day, a rehearsal dinner, a corporate event, or a family reunion, these guys can put together the event of your dreams.

Contact them today to get started! … And be sure to tell them we said hello.

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Life as it is now {Charlotte, NC}//April 4, 2014

2014-04-04_0001This fun-filled family is soon to expand with the adoption of a precious little girl from Ethiopia. With their trip across the seas just around the corner (they leave in a few days!!!), they wanted to capture their family dynamics as they are now before everything changes.

Lauren is not only the mother of these two adorable twin boys, but also works for Inspire Weddings Magazine. While Cullen and Lane keep them busy, Lauren and Jeff are thrilled to go meet their little girl and bring her home this week.

Congrats again, you guys. What an honor it was to capture your sweet family just before it expanded.

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  1. [...] our last time as a family of four.  Can’t believe we’ll be a family of FIVE soon!!! Check out some of the photos in her blog post.  Love my [...]

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The Gromlovitz Family//April 2, 2014


This lovely extended family came together for a beautiful morning shoot around Waxhaw, NC. We had the privilege of capturing Ricky and Jessica’s wedding in 2012 and their gorgeous daughter, Marlee is now in my mom’s class! (Yep, she’s a teacher.) These cute cousins are lucky enough to not only have amazing parents but get to grow up with one another as friends … and we are fortunate enough to capture it!

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Sharon {A Birthday Shoot}//April 1, 2014


This gorgeous momma has some kind, thoughtful daughters who planned a full day of birthday adventures for her. The day began with our photo shoot, where we couldn’t have had more fun gallivanting around Charlotte together. Some of our favorite sessions are those that are given as gifts. (Have we mentioned we sell gift sessions?)

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home is wherever i’m with you//March 12, 2014

asheville wedding photographer-111

Our cozy little home is up for sale. As we anticipate our move to Asheville, NC with excitement, there are many things about this home that we will greatly miss. Here are the top ten things we will miss:

1. Our cozy fireplace, which has kept us warm and happy many Winter days.

2. Our backyard (firepit included) that has been filled with many friends on cool Fall nights.

3. The floor to ceiling window in the living room that overlooks the park and faces every sunset.

4. The large open concept living/dining area that extends the length of the house and makes way for entertaining.

5. The location – It’s an easy bike ride to downtown where some of our favorite restaurants are located, and a shorter ride or walk to the farmers market on Summer Saturday mornings.

6. The rounded, arch doorways that give it character and a unique style.

7. Our neighbors – Debbie, who bakes us pies in exchange for mowing her lawn; Brandi who helps us chase down our dog when he gets loose; Justin who is always there to lend a hand.

8. The park across the street, which has given us space to train our puppy, build snowmen, and swing on swingsets in the rain.

9. The ivy that is finally growing all the way up the white concrete chimney.

10. The fantastic Japanese maple that hugs the light post that makes our front walkway glow.

Bonus: The love that was fostered here.

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Chicago Wedding Reception//February 26, 2014


You might remember these two love birds, Cindy and Andrew. After their first venue contacted them to let them know they had double booked and wouldn’t be able to host their wedding, they went back to the drawing board. Eventually, they decided to do things similarly to the nontraditional way that Dave and I got married … a VERY intimate vow ceremony months and months before throwing a big party of celebration with more friends and family. We were fortunate enough to capture their destination wedding ceremony in the Outer Banks of NC, and then recently followed it up with a reception in Chicago. Here are just a few of our favorites from this fun, crazy bunch. What a fun party they threw!

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Winter wonderland for days//February 24, 2014

… Scratch that  … for months.


This Winter has been one of the most beautiful Winters I’ve ever experienced, with more snow than I ever imagined possible (at least for this warm weather girl to ever live in.) It’s also been one of the longest. As Spring toys with the idea of showing up, I’ve been thinking about changing seasons. They have always mesmerized me and left me in wonder and awe, but in transitional times of life I seem to be so much more aware of them. I ache for warmer days – days filled with lots of sunshine, long walks/runs, biking, hiking, or just sitting around a campfire or laying in a hammock. As those day approach, though, with it come days and nights of packing … of saying goodbyes … of transition and change for us.

Our house is officially on the market and we’re planning to be in Asheville in April or May. Almond Leaf Studios is expanding and we begin a whole new chapter of life together. We are SO excited and eager to find a home there, but change like this always comes with a level of heartache. Goodbyes are never fun.

Instead of being so fixated on the warmth of tomorrow, today I find myself still thinking of the beauty that this Winter has provided. I hope that wherever you are and however you’re seeing the changing of seasons, you’ll be able to focus on the beauty a little more strongly today. Beauty has a way of giving life … at least to this artist.


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Chicago Indian Wedding Feature//February 21, 2014

A gigantic thank you to our friends over at Indian Wedding Site who featured one of our favorite couples on their site yesterday. Jasmin and Chan’s Chicago Indian wedding has been loved and adored by many, ourselves included.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 3.14.15 PM

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Biltmore Wedding Photographer {Asheville, NC}//February 20, 2014


We had the pleasure of photographing a gorgeous wedding designed by fellow Style Me Pretty Little Black Book members, Mariée Ami, talented event planners from Birmingham, Alabama at The Biltmore Estate in January.

The day was magical and perfect (and chilly!) We couldn’t be happier for these two. While we’ve been asked to withhold posting the full wedding, we’re happy to share a little bit of the beauty of the day with you.

2014-02-20_0002 2014-02-20_00032014-02-20_00052014-02-20_0012 2014-02-20_0004 2014-02-20_00062014-02-20_0008 2014-02-20_0009 2014-02-20_0010 2014-02-20_0011

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